Why is Digital Marketing Preferred?

Why is Digital Marketing Preferred?

Digital marketing, in fact, digital marketing is to use the internet, mobile, and similar interactive platforms with a focus on transformation to increase brand awareness, promote the service or product produced, and increase sales.

What is the Difference between the Digital Marketing System?

Unlike traditional methods such as radio, television, magazine, and outdoor advertising in the digital marketing system, digital marketing can obtain data about the products to be advertised faster, the benefit can be calculated faster, faster decision and the strategy can be changed. Another important difference of this application is its focusing feature. Studies with the focus feature can be made for a certain age segment or a specific group.

If an advertising work is made for people between the ages of thirty and fifty and the advertisement poster is placed in a certain place with an open-air banner, almost everyone in that environment will see this advertisement poster. However, not everyone in that area who sees that advertisement poster is between the ages of thirty and fifty. Therefore, this is not a focused type of advertisement. Digital marketing, on the other hand, can focus the desired advertisement directly on people between the ages of thirty and fifty. In addition, digital marketing is much easier and less expensive to revise.

You can update any false statement or image at any time. However, the same update cannot be made in a brochure that has thousands of copies in print. Each correction also means an additional cost.

What are the Basic Steps of Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing system has four basic steps. These four basic steps have main headings and various subheadings and various operations within these main headings. The main headings of these four basic steps are acquisition, conversion, measurement and optimization, protection, and growth.

What is Acquisition in Digital Marketing System?

It is SEO, that is, search engine optimization, SEM search engine advertising or SMM social media marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, advertising partnership, and self-propagating advertising efforts to achieve the target audience. With these advertising activities, the targeted audience is tried to be achieved. In the conversion step, the audience obtained is the situation that visitors complete a certain action and complete it. This process can sometimes be a purchase, sometimes filling out a form, or clicking on the phone number to call.

One should not associate the conversion with one-on-one sales. If there is a site that does not have a sales button on the interface, if the visitor has to reach by phone, the company providing the digital marketing service will provide the transformation because it delivers the person to you. But if the calling customer is welcomed and the sale cannot be completed, it is the problem of this site. Because the digital marketer has done his job successfully by directing the customer to the site owner and has achieved the transformation.

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