What will be 2021 SEO Innovations

What will be 2021 SEO Innovations

Search engine optimizations, which are updated every year and organized according to the innovations of the most widely used search engine Google, include new items to be considered in the new year. In these updates, which appear as 2021 SEO innovations, it is possible to say that Google artificial intelligence can have a great impact on SEO this year, in addition to elements such as originality, mobile compatibility, and user experience that Google has paid attention to in previous years.

In addition, institutions need to follow new trends and pay attention to the SEO rules that have been determined and applied before, for their websites to be ranked. When there are any deficiencies on their site, both in terms of content and technology, Google detects them and prevents the site from ranking.

What's Among the 2021 SEO Innovations?

Among the 2021 SEO innovations, it is possible to first mention the effect of artificial intelligence on rankings. The "RankBrain" algorithm that Google announced a few years ago still plays a very active role in rankings (also known as "SERP") on its search engine results pages. This artificial intelligence is used to measure the habits of people using websites and how much they interact with parts such as content.

At the same time, it measures the parts of the site in detail, such as how many clicks the site receives and how long time is spent on the site. For this reason, providing users with an easy-to-use website and very useful and user-friendly content on this site will be one of your indispensable needs for a successful site.

Mobile compatibility is one of the most important criteria this year as well. Considering that in today's conditions, mobile devices are mostly used, it should be ensured that the site is as successful as the mobile side can be from the user's point of view during the design phase, and also the speed, content, photos, videos, etc. on the site should be ensured in mobile use. You should also be sure of the quality of the auxiliary items.

Voice search technology, the use of which has increased tremendously recently, is thought to have a great impact on SEO. In the researches, it is observed that the number of users who use the voice assistant instead of typing in the search engine has increased tremendously. For this reason, it is a very important point for 2021 SEO studies that websites can also stand out in voice searches with new SEO techniques that will adapt.

Among the 2021 SEO trends, apart from the originality and length of the content, the use of images and videos will become much more important. It is recommended to pay attention to the use of photos and videos that are not copied from another site in the site content created. Site owners who focus on voice search and want the artificial intelligence algorithm to see the site as successful should definitely pay attention to this item.

The snippet parts of websites that stand out in search engines bring a serious amount of traffic to your site organically. Creating your snippets that will appear on Google in the form of an itemized information flow, in the form of questions and answers or as an answer to a how-to question; however, if it is desired to be of even higher quality, preparing keyword-focused items such as star-rated review results and pictorial indicators will literally blow your website away in terms of success.

Until now, we knew that SEO-compatible content had to belong to be successful. However, according to the 2021 trends, it is possible to say that by extending this interval, even more, new criteria have been created for the contents to be much longer and original. In other words, it will be considered as success criteria that the content is 3000 words long, that long-tail keywords are definitely included in these contents, that the website creates content in a style and intelligibility suitable for the audience it aims to address.

Finally, let's talk about the “Google Eat Policy”. Features such as determining what kind of content the readers give priority to when creating quality content, making a detailed analysis of how you can encourage users to consume this consumption correctly if you provide incentives for a consumption situation through your site, and providing conditions suitable for these priorities in your content will enable your site to comply with this principle of Google. On the other hand, linking to sites with "gov", "edu" extensions as URLs will help you meet the EAT criteria. Thus, the 2021 SEO innovation criteria will be met naturally.