What Is Email Marketing And How To Do It?

What Is Email Marketing And How To Do It?

It involves sending emails to external stakeholders such as subscribers, business partners, or customers via email marketing. The general purpose of the e-mail is to deliver promotional or educational content. It informs and encourages people to buy a service or product.

How is it done?

Marketers, on the other hand, use email marketing to reach existing or potential customers. It is defined as a digital and practical strategy. Email allows the marketing industry to reach different people from almost every segment. In this way, marketers can interact with their target audience and promote their business. Above all, it provides sales or web traffic to their existing companies.

Why is Email Marketing Important?

1) people are likely to see the messages. Checking emails has become the routine of many adults. According to a study, 81% of the residents in the USA check their email at least once a day. 74% of the 2,667 survey participants who have corporate e-mails say that they check their e-mails several times a day.

It's a pretty good idea to connect with people on a platform they use every day. In the same research, it is seen that 49% of people sometimes open their marketing emails. The remaining 51% state that they rarely or never open their marketing emails.

2) An Essential Strategy for Businesses Without Email Marketing

Studies reveal that 74% of top marketing companies use email marketing on behalf of reaching existing and potential customers. 21% of the 4,100 marketing leaders of the survey respondents said they will include email marketing in their business plans within the next year.

3) Provides High Return on Investment for Email Marketing Companies

Email is the most cost-effective marketing tool compared to other options, including social media marketing. It spends approximately $ 21.95 on social media campaigns to secure a customer. When this guarantee is made with email marketing, it spends an average of $ 10.23.

Email Marketing Advantages

- The person's email list consists of people who prefer to receive e-mail from the current person. This is a permission-based approach. It attracts potential customers by increasing the subscriber engagement of the business.

-Different design options are available to create an email campaign. Plain text, images, graphics, videos, etc.

- Email marketing can also be used to reach people or deliver customized messages.

It is easier for subscribers to forward and share email content with others. So Email is a good option for word-of-mouth marketing.

-While running a campaign via email, it makes it easier to purchase a service or product from the current website by using activation buttons and links.

- It is also possible to measure the success of email campaigns.

-There is also a chance to apply A / B test before sending emails. Content can be tested to make sure that the content of the email is effective.

-Customers can read messages when they are available. For this reason, it is a less intrusive system than telephone marketing.

-Email marketing is much lower in cost compared to other marketing channels.

-It is an environmentally friendly marketing channel.

-Email marketing's average Return on Investment in the marketing sector is around 3800%. In other words, there will be an average return of 38 TL for each TL invested.

The advantages of the email marketing system to marketing companies and potential customers can be further increased. Personal discounts or campaigns can also be added to this list. Email marketing has become one of the indispensable marketing channels with the advancement of information technology. It has great advantages for both the marketing company and the potential customer.