Google SEO Service Guide

Google SEO Service Guide

Google SEO service is the use of Google etc. of the websites that exist in the internet world and is trying to achieve success. It is the whole of all on-site and off-site studies that will help them to increase ranking in search engines and be successful. All companies that work in this field, especially agencies, have created successful sites in the eyes of Google as a result of their work by considering the websites of the institutions and brands they have contracted in detail.

Hafsa Digital Agency provides a professional service to all companies with which it cooperates in this field. In every field related to SEO, we determine exactly what the goals of brands are, and prepare a development plan in that area, and after the service we provide, we ensure that the site is SEO compatible and fully completed in both the technical part and the content part. You can safely reach us for your Google SEO service needs, and you can make your site reach the desired success point.

What is Google SEO Service Scope?

The process in the SEO service to be provided can be considered as the work to be done to organize the websites according to the priorities desired by the search engines. SEO practices, which continue to gain importance throughout the world day by day, put website owners in the process of receiving professional help to meet their needs at this point.

As Google constantly reveals new algorithms and rules, changes and innovations to be made on the websites should also be under the control of expert staff. Although site owners try to keep this process under control, they need a professional Google SEO service process as they will be Within the scope of these regulations, the ultimate goal is to increase the number of organic visitors to the site and to direct internet users suitable for the target audience to the site, a whole of works that can be gathered under two headings, which we call on-site SEO and off-site SEO, are carried out.

In on-site SEO studies, all the content on the site is organized by passing through stages such as originality and compliance with SE rules and adding new content in case of need. For example; The issues such as throwing headings by SEO rules, arranging the appropriate URL structure, naming the images and videos in the content inappropriate sizes and titles, making the title hierarchy to be included in the article correctly and adequately, making the correct redirects from the article and the site speed are definitely reviewed. brought to the required level.

In off-site SEO studies, it is checked whether these links are taken from the relevant sectors and quality websites by looking at the links of the website being studied with other websites. Studies are carried out to remove bad, image-damaging comments in the web world related to the site, along with situations such as e-mail, social media support. Thanks to the correct backlink studies, the quality of the site have increased considerably in the eyes of Google, so these points are definitely taken into consideration within the scope of this service

insufficient at some point, at least in the technical part.