Digital advertising and digital advertising have become widespread in the world and our country in recent years and have become a rising trend.

So what are digital advertising and digital advertising?

As you know, information technologies are advancing rapidly and corporate advertising is moving to online and interactive channels. Companies want to present effective options in the digital advertising world to reach their target audiences and customers. With the widespread use of the Internet, companies are now attracting attention by doing online digital advertising instead of television ads.

Companies promote their brands and products on digital blogs and digital platforms. These digital platforms are instrumental inefficient promotion opportunities. As digital advertising media, we can give examples of social media sites, professional websites, advertising sites, sharing sites, forums, blogs, platforms, news sites, search engines. The advertisements of the companies are published in these digital channels and this publication process and process is called digital advertising. Digital advertising is professionally carried out by agencies.

The benefits of digital advertising and digital advertising are considerably higher than traditional advertising. Companies can deliver their brands or products to large audiences in a short time, advertise with a lower budget than traditional advertising in the digital environment, easily reach the target audience they want to reach, save money and time, work with professional digital advertising agencies, rise to the top of the search engines and quickly become a brand. . Therefore, digital advertising offers companies serious opportunities to increase their sales and branding.

Companies reach the target audience they want to address with digital advertising at the right time and with the right message. Since television commercials are short-term and expensive, reaching the target audience is costly. With digital advertising, these costs are significantly reduced. Digital advertising is scalable. This scalability is very important. Thus, digital advertising is made with the optimum budget and the desired large audiences are reached. Agencies create digital advertising platforms on behalf of companies' brands through campaigns and bring companies together with potential target audiences through these platforms. It impresses customers with professional visuals and texts and enables companies to reach their target customers and increase brand value. It also reports its results to companies. Thus, brands of companies are talked more among people and potential customers, and awareness of the brand increases. It is ensured that the digitally advertised product or service is purchased.

The consumer is allowed to think about the product or service, and potential customers are affected. Brand awareness is created. Digital campaigns make a great contribution to the increase in sales and the value of brands.

The importance of digital advertising; The acceleration of branding is because the right customers and potentially large audiences can be reached quickly and at a low cost. Because customers can have the products and services that they want with different options. The internet and digital advertising medium is an unlimited market for companies and their customers. That is why today companies use digital advertising as an important advertising method.